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Messika was born in Paris in 2005 and is run by Valérie Messika, daughter of the renowned diamond merchant André Messika. Core values have been passed down from father to daughter: to enhance the diamond, to push the boundaries and to strive continuously for excellence.

Messika breaks the codes of tradition in the diamond world with feminine & chic yet sexy and cool jewellery pieces.

Maison Messika is about imagining, dreaming and creating, to give shape to a unique kind of jewellery. New and surprising shapes are constantly studied and re-imagined, to enhance female beauty and blend the timeless with the contemporary.

Valérie Messika’s jewels encourage women to become what they are: a blend of strength and delicacy, brilliant, free and sensual. Dedicated to the modern-day Amazon, confident in herself, who chooses the diamond as an everyday companion as well a as to mark the most beautiful occasions in her life.