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Bracelet Nudo

The vivacious colours and the asymmetrical stone sizes are Nudo design motifs that find new life in this very contemporary take on the classic bangle.
Easy to wear and ready to stack, a rigid open bangle encircles the wrist placing against the skin two vividly bright gemstones.

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Stone & Material details

Blue Topaz

Sky Blue Topaz, once rare, is now created using modern processes like irradiation. As well as being the birthstone for those born in November, Sky Blue Topaz is the gem of choice to celebrate the 4th wedding anniversary.


The name derives from the Greek ‘adamas’, which means unbreakable or invincible, probably because of its excellent strength. Pomellato in its collection usually uses colorless, brown, black, grey and icy diamonds.

Rose Gold 18kt

Gold takes its name from the Indo-European word “gehl” meaning to shine. Rose – a delicate tint achieved by mixing gold with small quantities of copper and silver.